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Rifle Scopes

Scope Selection

There is a huge selection of rifle scopes available on the market for the average hunter that is interested in purchasing a scope, but where does a person start and what features are really necessary? To answer that several questions have to be addressed.

  • Is this your first scope purchase?
  • What do intend to use it for? hunting or competition?
  • What is your typical hunting style and shooting distance?
  • What rifle cartridge do you use?


The first thing that we want to stress is this:

The sour taste of poor quality lingers much longer that the sweet taste of a low price.

While everyone want to get a bargain, you should stay away from “bargain” scopes.  A person can get a bargain purchasing a $400 scope or a $1200 scope. Bargain does not mean low price alone. Actually we believe value is a much better term by which to measure your purchase. The last thing you need is to buy a bargain scope and take it out on a hunting trip only for the scope to fail or not hold center. Purchasing, mounting, and sighting in a new scope is already an investment in your time and money. You do not need that aggravation out in the field. In fact, you may be several hours from a sporting goods store to find a replacement and if you were invited on the trip in the first place you should probably not count on being invited back next season.

If this is your first scope purchase you most likely are fairly new to shooting sports. At this point you need to know how far you want to continue in the sport. If you have a rifle that you only plink at tin cans and have no interest in going farther then become effective with iron sights. Using a rifle safely, knowing your skill limitations, and knowing when to shoot and when not to shoot is paramount. Firearm safety depends on you.

Spending significant time at a range to help you understand the limitations of your equipment and yourself can help you make good judgements in the field. Your hunting goal should be to take game only with ethical shots. Tracking down game by following a blood trail can suck a significant amount of time and if other hunters in the party have not filled their tag, they may be a little reluctant to offer much assistance to you.

Please also read the topics on FFP vs SFP and Parallax correction.


For more information check out Rifle Scopes

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