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Conquest 8x56 T*

Conquest 8×56 T*

Binoculars are a very useful tool for viewing distant objects. Their use is fairly intuitive as the barrel adjustment to fit a persons eye spacing and then focusing the binoculars to provide a clear view of the object are the basic adjustments that are needed.


But there is more to it…

There really is not a one size fits all binoculars, as several things should be kept in mind and truly depend on what you plan to use them for. For example, lets start out with a binoculars close focus specification. This specification designates how close a particular pair of binoculars can focus. This specification is very important to folks who enjoy birding, butterfly watching, and nature observation. Ideally these folks would look for a specification of 10 feet or less. The top of the line binoculars have a close focus of under 5 feet. That allows a person to see detail that they normally would not observe and helps to make the experience much more meaningful and memorable.

Other uses such as hunting, marine use, stadium sporting events, or astronomy would not have a critical need for a close focus specification. However they have conditions that dictate certain specifications as well.

This leads us to the all important task of defining our expectations. Please check out this article on Binocular selection for additional information.

Additionally, RCS Optics allows you to shop for binoculars by your interest and preselects a wide range of binoculars that are desirable for your interest. Learn more about binoculars here.





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