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End of Year Burris Rebates

December 25, 2016

Burris Optics

Burris Optics is a well known and respected sport optics manufacturer based in Colorado. Burris is offering $50 to $100 rebates that continue until the end of the year on select rifle scopes such as the Eliminator III and Veracity models.

Burris Eliminator III Scopes

The Burris Eliminator is a range finding scope that will have you knocking down targets 1200 plus yards. Precise trajectory compensation via an illuminated aiming point is calculated for your exact load and range.

Burris Eliminator Reticle

Burris Eliminator X96 reticle                   with wind adjustment


The reticle illuminates at the correct holdover point and then you adjust for windage. The display shows a 10 m.p.h. wind value for your specific cartridge at the indicated range to target, which shows how many dots to hold into the wind for a 10 m.p.h. crosswind. In other words, you estimate actual wind speed and use the 10 m.p.h. wind value as a guideline for selecting how many dots to hold into the wind.

Burris Eliminator III scopes comes in two models, 3-12x44mm or the 4-16x50mm. The Burris $100 rebate ends December 31.


Burris Eliminator III Scope

Burris Veracity Scopes

Burris Veracity scopes have the features that long range hunters are looking for, such as a 30mm tube, FFP, Zero Click Stop adjustment, and 1/4 MOA click adjustments. They are available in 42 and 50mm objectives with magnification zoom range of 5 times (eg; 3-15x, 4-20x, 5-25x)



Burris Veracity Scopes


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