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#Rangefinders, do I really need one?

July 14, 2015

Rangefinders can be a valuable tool. But do I really need one?

The short answer if you’re archery hunting, yes. For rifle under 200 yards, we suggest saving your money. But if you frequently have the opportunity to shoot beyond 200 yards or more, then we do recommend that you consider becoming proficient with the tool and the knowledge of applying the adjustments to your scope for the distance and placing ethical shots at those extended distances.

Handheld rangefinders are manufactured by several companies and their prices vary as much as the ranging distance capability; and sometimes not commensurately.

Here is a great link to handheld rangefinders

Shooting at extended distances increase the variables that are present. One thing that is often overlooked is crosswind speed at extended distances. Check back soon for a discussion on crosswind effects and what corrections you can make for that.

handheld rangefinder

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