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Zeiss Victory FL binoculars

July 11, 2010

All binoculars are not created equal.  The surprising thing is some folks do not have a high expectation of the view when looking through a pair of binoculars.  If the image can simply be seen they are content. But should they be??? Not at all. When it comes to binoculars, there is a lot of truth to you get what you pay for.  Binoculars are somewhat like diamonds in that the true quality features of a pair of binoculars includes clarity of the image, color renditioning of the image, cut, in this case style, such as roof prism or porro prism; and finally caret or magnification. The Carl Zeiss Victory FL binocular line is Zeiss’s premier product line. There is really nothing else like them. Birding enthusiasts know this first hand. As they study the features of the bird of interest, They want to notice subtle shades of color and the detail in the feather texture. But most importantly they want to see it clearly even when the light of the day is waxing or waning. And any time that you are out in nature, o’l mother nature can change unexpectedly. When you are caught in the rain you need the tools that will do the job. Zeiss Victory FL binoculars are coated with Lotutec. This special coating sheds water and dirt allowing the user to continue full use even during a rain storm.

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